A few words about Saigon

So recently I have not written any blog entries since I am so busy with visiting friends, family and all those delicious food hot spots. I haven’t had the chance to use my Canon G7x recently since it is too dangerous to use on the streets of my love Saigon. However the city has changed since I moved back to Germany 2 years ago. People got more modern and more open. They carry all their values open on the street not being afraid of thefts now. Is it more safe now on Saigons Street? I also notice the growing numbers of Police officers. They ARE everywhere so yes Saigon is watching you and I like this idea. We should really stop the hassle of being theft victims.

I also notice the new shopping malls, chain restaurants and coffee shops. When I was here in 2014, the first Mc Donalds opened its branch at the huge roundabout on Dien Bien Phu Street! Now they have about 5-6 branches everywhere (which are freaky expensive!). Moreover the Nguyen Hue Street is now a walking zone at night and traffic is closed. The idea is nice but lacks lot of decorations. I miss the fountains and trees to give some shady places. All in all its been sooo hot right now. I am definitely getting a sunburn soon though I cover myself the Ninja Style which is using a mouth cover, glasses, jeans jacket and long skirt. Now I do look so Vietnamese 🙂  My driving skills are still the same but driving with the large Nuovo us kinda hard since this is a machine and I am only 50 kgs (ok lie I got more weight now). While driving like an idiot in Saigon I learned that going with the flow is the easiest way. If you wanna turn left, wait for the crowd because the swarm is stronger than a single fish. I  also learned that if I literally fall down, which happens a lot during my travels ( Did you see my sexy legs? They are full of happy I fell down a volcano in Java,I got burned on Saigons Streets scars), I should stand up and “Just do it” (Thanks Sis for reminding me so many times).

Vietnam nowadays is a very good place to stay for a few months: rent is cheap, food is even cheaper, people are friendly (in Saigon), everywhere young and driven people looking for jobs and excitement. No wonder the start up business is sooo growing right now. I believe that Saigon is going to be the future of Asia!

I miss living in Saigon, driving my Yamaha Classico, eating all day and nhau with the crew. It feels like years and I find the idea nice to come back. Saigon would be a great base for traveling the world! Who knows what tomorrow brings?



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